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Leather for us - Buy Leather on-line !

www.leatherfor.us is a website company for the online purchase of leather. Leather for us is an italian leather supplier, here you can find high quality italian leather for sale.

www.leatherfor.us searches quality italian leather  in any available colour and quantitiy, dimension and type of leather. The minimum quantity is one skin and the prices are net, withou taxes and forwarding costs that will be calculated at the moment of the order depending on the destination, at piece. This  web site is dedicated  to both industry experts and the artisans who want to use the highest italian quality leather, available even in small quantities,  without having to be tied to large orders on tanneries. The website is also devoted to fans of the do-it-yourself who want to create a unique product or a personalized item, such as bookbinding , interior decoration , leather upholstery, small leather goods, clothing, cars upholstery.

Buy leather on-line, the skins will shortly arrive to your laboratory or your house !


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    Our online shop will be on holiday from 8th of August 2014 to the 25th of August 2014. So all your order confirmed from the 7th of August will be shipped from the 26th of August....
          SPECIAL OFFER FREE FORWARDING       From today, all the shippings of the orders over 150€ will be free!  ...

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    Cause holidays of 25st of April and 1st of May your order done from today will be forwarded in the day of Monday the 5st of May....
  • Sales
      SPECIAL FOR BINDING!!! BINDING GOATSKIN 25% OFF FROM  €58,00  TO  € 43,50  ...
    New!!! Binding goat Goatskin perfect for binding. It's good to be used also in leathergoods, small leathergoods, handcrafts and shoes. It has a particular surface caracteristic because it's boardered. ...
    NEW ARTICLE! SOFT DOUBLEFACE GOATSKIN Goat skins vegetable tanned and milled. These skins are good to be used in bags, handbags and leathergoods production, in shoes and boots production. These skins have a pigmented fini...
    New article: CLASSIC GOAT Added a new article in our catalogue. Classic Madras goatskins, full grain, vegetable tanned. Shining and elegant. Suitable for leather goods, small leather goods, bookibinding and footwear. ...
Focus on
Silver laminated pois
28,00 Euro /
Doubleface goatskins
48,00 36,00 Euro /
Grey smooth goatskin
28,00 Euro /
Milled big hide for belt, furnitures, leatherfcrafts.
178,00 Euro /
Blue smooth goatskin
38,00 Euro /