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Leather for furnitures and upholstery

The leather for furnishing are essentially big skins, whit whom it is possible to cover sofas without bothersome stitchings. They have to be resistant but also elastic, suitable to the objects’ shape to be covered. The entire veal skins are the best to be adapted to the use in furnishing. They’re minimum dimension skins of 4 square meters, but they could arrive to 7 square meters. They’re perfect for the leather sofas, armchairs or puffs covering because easy to cut.

On our website into the leather for furniture – upholstery there are entire veal skins perfectly suitable for furnishing, but also buffalos or half calf skins, with differet caratteristic of the grain. All type of leather could be used in furnishing, but particularly the skins with these following finishings:

-          Semi-aniline finished leather. This kind of finishing is perfect for the furniture because it doesn’t cover completely the leather grain but let it be homogeneous in the surface. The semi-aniline finishing fits better with this use because the light fastness of the leather is better respect to the fastness of an aniline dyed skin, but also because it’s transpiring, it isn’t covered as a pigmented article and so it maintains the natural leather surface.

Articles we have that are in this category:


Skins of LUX CALF the classic smooth veal, full grain, with semi-aniline finishing.



Skins of VINTAGE CALF with a vintage effect.  The thickness is higher than other  leathers for furnitures, an heavy hand, important with a definite character. Being a semi-aniline article it has all the positive characteristic of resistance and naturalness of the leather, but with a “vintage” feature it gaves a value added to a furnishing, respect to the modern feature gaves from the other article.

          Aniline finished skins so transpiring and less covering. The aniline finished skins are transpiring and they put in evidence the natural leather flaws. It is considered the finest finishing method, called also natural skin, but it has only one scarcity: it is the delicatest. Belongs to this category the pull-up, the oiled, the waxed and the nubuk.

-         The finished nubuk leather belongs to the aniline finished type , so very transpiring and less covering, but they have a velvety surface effect. The nubuk is obtained shaving a little bit the grain of the skin and so softly brushed. The nubuk articles are very soft at touch, velvety. They’re delicate as all the aniline dyed leather, but they have a warmth and natural features.