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Leather for shoes

The best type of leather good to be used to make shoes, boots and sandals are so similar to the articles to be used for bags. They don’t need to have particular physical qualities, obviously they have to have a resistance to bending, but the important is the look: classic for classical shoes and fashion for all the rest of shoes. They’re rigid and semi-rigid skins, that could be well crimped. These leathers have to hold up the shoes structure, so they will be rigid and not too soft. The softness it will be perfect for the upper part of some kind of boots.

Leather for shoe have a surface:

-          Full grain. These leather maintain the full original grain of the animal. The grain is the characteristic of the article and the finishing will personalize it. Full grain articles could be matt or shining but also printed or plottered.


-          Split leather. They’re obtained splitting the leather and taking the lower part of the skin, so the flesh side splitted and divided from the grain part. They’re used as suede leather.